The Martin Luther King Family Arts Mentoring Enrichment Community Center Board and Staff pay tribute and honor to Mrs. Theresa Marie Floyd - the Founder of the MLK FAME Community Center and Board Member.  The board feels blessed to have served with a woman of wisdom that loved the Lord, her family and her community.

There would not be a MLK FAME Community Center had it not been for the vision of Mrs. T. Marie Floyd.  When the MLK Elementary school became unoccupied as did many Seattle Public Schools in the community, Mrs. Floyd took action because she had history with the MLK Elementary School. Her children and grandchildren had attended the school.  Mrs. Floyd was always a dedicated educator at heart serving as teacher, principal and other positions in the Seattle Public School District.  In her retirement she still had a passion to enrich her community.

Mrs. Floyd lived many years in the Madison Park Community only blocks away from the MLK Elementary School and would often drive pass the school and was bothered that it was unoccupied.  She set out on a mission to obtain the building in some capacity and in 2008 Mrs. Floyd and the School Advisory Committee met with the Madison Valley Neighborhood Organization.  She then brought in the right people to assist in her mission.  Under the leadership and blessings of Pastor Carey G. Anderson of First AME Church along with nine of its members, in 2011 the church was able to acquire the building from the Seattle School Board with funds from the State of Washington Commerce Department with the leadership and encouragement of Mrs. Floyd.


Acquiring the Center shows her leadership ability, compassion for her community and the resilience of what a strong Black woman can do when on a mission to do good.


The Board will also honor Mrs. T. Marie Floyd by naming the conference room at the Center in her honor, since this is where she attended many board meetings sharing her wisdom and her famous homemade monkey bread and other home-made treats. But mostly we appreciate the love she shared with each board member.

We say thank you to Mrs. T. Marie Floyd.

The Board and Staff of the MLK FAME Community Center